The fate of the world just got personal!

Welcome to the 15 Minute Cold War.

A brand new card game that's easy to pick up but impossible to put down.

15 Minute Cold War Box and Card Images

Start by choosing your very own 25 card deck from the 15 Minute Cold War Original Edition. The Original edition has the following four countries -

In this fast-paced Cold War strategy game, you must build up your country's defence and protect your leader. All whilst trying to defeat your rival players with deception, brute force, temporary alliances and good fortune!

Change the course of history and become the dominant world power in your very own 15 Minute Cold War.

The Original Edition of the 15 Minute Cold War allows for 2-4 Players, Ages 8 and up.

Don't know the history? Don't worry! Although the cards contain a wealth of historical information, the gameplay mechanics don't rely on it.

Looking for a little more?

The Expansion Edition of the 15 Minute Cold War brings in four new countries allowing up to 8 players to engage in an epic Cold War.

Choose your own 25 card premium deck from

The Expansion Edition can be played on its own or you can add it to the Original Game to make an epic 2-8 player battle!

The same rulebook covers all versions of the game. However, once you perfect your grasp of the Standard Rules, try introducing the three Enhanced Rules to ratchet up the intensity of your own Cold War!

NOTE: The wonderful historic photographs used in this card game have been carefully sourced from images in the Public Domain or from the Creative Commons licensing program. The attribution page has more details.