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15 Minute Cold War

Original Edition

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It's time to warm up the Cold War! Choose your own 25 card premium deck from Krushchev's Soviet Union, the United States of America under the guidance of JFK, Harold Wilson's United Kingdom or the People's Republic of China under the chairmanship of Mao Zedong.

In a fast-paced strategy game, build your defences and protect your leader whilst trying to defeat your fellow players with a combination of deception, force, alliances and a dose of good fortune! Change the course of history and become the dominant world power in your very own 15 Minute Cold War.

2-4 Players, Ages 8 and up.

Don't know the history? Don't worry! Although the cards contain a wealth of historical information, the gameplay mechanics don't rely on it.


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Without a hard case - 90 x 65 x 41mm

With a hard case - 100 x 76 x 51mm

Carbon Neutral

Thanks to comprehensive carbon offsets, our worldwide customer deliveries contribute zero net CO2e into the atmosphere.

  • What's Included in the Game?

    Each 15 Minute Cold War deck contains 100 Premium Quality, matte cello glazed cards that allow up to 4 players to fight it out for the title of Superpower. The game comes in a full-colour flip-top cardboard box.

  • Printed and Designed in Australia

    All cards and tuck boxes are printed in Brisbane and then checked, packed and shipped from Sydney.

    If you have any issues at all with your copy of the game, contact us and we will make it right!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Louise P
Great holiday fun

Just started playing over the holiday break. Nothing like a few quick competitive rounds to spice up family meet ups.
Love the card design and artwork

Just wow!

Let's start with how the cards arrived. I find a small brown box on my doorstep. Upon inspection it has some retro, cold-war era, postage stamps from Egypt, Paris, Soviet Union and Cuba. I'm impressed. Then upon opening, I'm impressed further with printed out news papers from 1954 featuring some very apt cold-war stories. Then the card game. The card quality is EXCELLENT. The feel and weight is perfect, and shows the quality and care put into the product. Presentation is A+. The game is fantastic and educational. The cold-war intrigues me, and through this game I have introduced family and friends into a world I have a deep interest for. Definitely getting the expansion set. Pro-tip, buy this game! Bravo!

A party favourite!

Reminiscent of my favourite parts of Monopoly Deal, poker, YuGiOh and Advance Wars on the Gameboy with a stunning retro 1960s style. So good!!
The quality and detail is next level!

Chris Duong
Exciting and Addictive

Great card game for the family and friends. Very easy to learn the game and its dynamics. Exciting and addictive game and also very educational for the kids and adults. Actually makes history lessons fun! Highly recommend this card game.

Like a fun history lesson

Great fun game. Great to play with friends or family. As the name suggests doesn't take too long so you can play once or have a bunch of rounds.
Really love the imagery on the cards and the history that goes along with it. It's like a history lesson each time you play...But fun!