Attribution and History

The photographs used in this card game have been drawn from images in the Public Domain or from the Creative Commons licensing program.

The written captions on these cards include informative descriptions of the culturally significant public figures, technology and the cultural/political events of the Cold War. They have been chosen from a vast pool of newsworthy events and matters of public concern to provide an educational resource that broadly teaches users about this turbulent period of modern history.

I have included detailed attribution for each of the cards organised by Country and the card title.

Original Edition

USA Attribution - USSR Attribution - UK Attribution - PRC Attribution

Expansion Edition

Australia Attribution - Cuba Attribution - France Attribution - East Germany Attribution

Six-Day War Edition

Israel Attribution - Egypt (UAR) Attribution

They are listed in the following order for each Country

  • Yellow Leader Card (Number 1)
  • White Assistant Leader Cards (Number 2-3)
  • Blue Science and Culture Cards (Number 4-8)
  • Brown Military Power Cards (Number 9-19)
  • Orange Special Cards (Number 20-25)
  • Red Fallen Leader Card (Number 26)

Cold War Map

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