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15 Minute Cold War

Expansion Edition

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NOTE - The last remaining 350 GSM decks from an earlier production run have now been heavily discounted. Once these decks are sold out, they won't be restocked. Pick up a high quality deck for under half the price!

It's time to expand the Cold War! Choose your own 25 card premium deck from Fidel Castro's Republic of Cuba, the French Republic under the guidance of Charles de Gaulle, Walter Ulbricht's East Germany or the Commonwealth of Australia under Robert Menzies.

In a fast-paced strategy game, build your defences and protect your leader whilst trying to defeat your fellow players with a combination of deception, force, alliances and a dose of good fortune! Change the course of history and become the dominant world power in your very own 15 Minute Cold War.

2-4 Players, Ages 8 and up.

NOTE: The Expansion Edition can be played on its own or you can add it to the Original Game to make an epic 2-8 player battle!

Don't know the history? Don't worry! Although the cards contain a wealth of historical information, the gameplay mechanics don't rely on it.


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Without a hard case - 90 x 65 x 41mm

With a hard case - 100 x 76 x 51mm

Carbon Neutral

Thanks to comprehensive carbon offsets, our worldwide customer deliveries contribute zero net CO2e into the atmosphere.

  • What's Included in the Game?

    Each 15 Minute Cold War deck contains 100 Premium Quality, matte cello glazed cards that allow up to 4 players to fight it out for the title of Superpower. The game comes in a full-colour flip-top cardboard box.

  • Printed and Designed in Australia

    All cards and tuck boxes are printed in Brisbane and then checked, packed and shipped from Sydney.

    If you have any issues at all with your copy of the game, contact us and we will make it right!

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Customer Reviews

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Alistair McCann
Quick & Fun

The closest I have come to being a turn based card game enthusiast was ‘Top Trumps’ back in school. This takes that idea and adds the element of thermonuclear war to the mix.

I always base games on how much my children want to play them. Since arriving in a sturdy box after what seemed to be very quick delivery from Australia, my children and I have played roughly 10 games, my youngest (who is 11) is the most enthusiastic to ask me to play with him but it took him the longest to digest the rules. My eldest (who is 17) took to the game like a Soviet general in a vodka factory and has had it in college earlier this week for his gaming club where it went down a storm apparently.

I have the main base game and one of the expansion pack’s. It would be good if the included countries could be bought separately to build your own custom pack but I know this is probably not financially viable for the seller!!

Great fun for the whole family.