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15 Minute Cold War

Upgrade Card Pack

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Can I use these Upgrade Cards with any Edition of the game?

Yes! You can use Upgrade Cards with all four Editions of 15 Minute Cold War.

Each pack contains 12 unique mini cards that can be distributed any way you choose amongst 2-10 players.

More cards per person = more variables and advantages.

How to use Upgrade Cards

What if every game of 15 Minute Cold War had 12 unique strengths and abilities that gave each player a game-changing advantage?

Imagine gaining the ability to disrupt and rearrange your opponents defence stacks or gaining a 50% boost to the power of your next military power card. How would you like to be invulnerable for one full round while attacking your opponents at will?

This is the add-on you never knew you wanted but I guarantee you won't be able to live without! Once you play a round with the Upgrade Cards, you'll never look back!

    The cards are produced with the same premium matte cello-glaze finish and solid card weight that you love from the Original Edition and the expansions. The Upgrade Cards share the orange border with the Special Cards and have identical rounded edges but are just under half the size.


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