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15 Minute Cold War

Speed Token Pack

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How many packs should I buy?

  • 2 players =¬†1 pack
  • 3-4 players = 2 packs
  • 5-6 players = 3 packs
  • 7-8 players = 4 packs
  • 9-10 players = 5 packs

Note: A 20% discount applies to all packs when you purchase 3 or more.

How to use Speed Tokens

What if there was a simple way to improve the speed of your Echo Zulu games, the strategy of your attacks and the games' accessibility to newer players?

This is your answer!

Speed Tokens aren't essential to playing 15 Minute Cold War but we've found that using the tokens increases the rate of play by as much as 30% for smaller games and by 50% when playing games with 5 or more players!

By placing the correct Speed Token next the three card stack or the individual defence card on the right of the defence piles, players will always know the level of defence they're trying to defeat by quickly glancing around the table.

Each pack contains x12 individual tokens that allow two players to clearly display their defence rating during gameplay. Each player will have their own set of x6 double-sided tokens with the following values -

  • Logo and 50
  • 100 and 150
  • 200 and 250
  • 300 and 350
  • 400 and 450
  • 500 and 550

    How many packs do I need for larger games?

    • 2 players =¬†1¬†pack
    • 3-4 players = 2¬†packs
    • 5-6 players = 3¬†packs
    • 7-8 players = 4¬†packs
    • 9-10 players = 5¬†packs

    This will ensure every player can clearly show their exact defence rating, no matter the combination of cards they have in their defence pile.

    NOTE: The tokens have been designed primarily for use with the Echo Zulu rules. However, they can be used with the Standard Rules by placing tokens on top of the three card Science and Technology stacks.


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