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15 Minute Cold War

Cold War Map (Physical)

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Are you looking to take your four player games to the next level?

Do you already have -

Then the Cold War Map is the must-have addition for your next four player match!

How does it work?

Playing with the map only changes gameplay mechanics slightly but gives the strategy a huge shake up. Rather than a free-for-all, players need to strategise and form temporary alliances to create protection for each other while defeating common enemies. It promotes teamwork and adds another layer to the strategy and timing.

When playing on the Cold War Map, players can only launch Military Power attacks against a neighbouring country connected via one of the red dotted lines. Orange Special Cards can still be played against any country, with the exception of the Counter-Offensive and the Military Redeployment cards that can only be played against a neighbouring country.

During a four player game, each player can only attack these two neighbouring countries until one of them is knocked out. Once the game drops to three countries, all three are reconnected and gameplay reverts to normal.


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Map Details

Each copy of the map is printed on a single A4 sheet of Xerox Nevertear paper with the Original map on one side and the Expansion on the other.

Can I download the PDF version?

Yes! Download a FREE printable version of the PDF HERE