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15 Minute Cold War

Bronze Bundle

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What's included in the Bronze Bundle?

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In a fast-paced strategy game, build your defences and protect your leader whilst trying to defeat your fellow players with a combination of deception, force, alliances and a dose of good fortune! Change the course of history and become the dominant world power in your very own 15 Minute Cold War.

2-8 Players, Ages 8 and up.

Don't know the history? Don't worry! Although the cards contain a wealth of historical information, the gameplay mechanics don't rely on it.


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Carbon Neutral

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  • What's Included in the Game?

    Each 15 Minute Cold War deck contains 100 Premium Quality, matte cello glazed cards that allow up to 4 players to fight it out for the title of Superpower. The game comes in a full-colour flip-top cardboard box.

  • Printed and Designed in Australia

    All cards and tuck boxes are printed in Brisbane and then checked, packed and shipped from Sydney.

    If you have any issues at all with your copy of the game, contact us and we will make it right!

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