Where do I start?

Step 1 - Purchase your first deck

Start by purchasing a copy of the Original Edition. It's a great choice because it includes the USA, the Soviet Union, the UK and the People's Republic of China. Arguably the four most iconic belligerents of the Cold War.

The Original Edition is a 2-4 player game and for many, it's the only edition they'll ever need!

Step 2 - Do you want bigger games?

Add more countries to your games by purchasing either the Expansion Edition (for +4 players) or the Six-Day War Edition (for +2 players) or the Bronze Bundle. All countries in each edition of the game are equally balanced. No country has a statistical advantage over any other so just choose the edition that you like the most!

Step 3 - Do you want faster gameplay?

Once your games grow larger, adding packs of Speed Tokens will improve the rate of play without altering the rules of the game. Spend less time calculating and more time attacking! The discounted Silver Bundle has the Original and Expansion decks, two Speed Token Packs plus FREE shipping.

Step 4 - Adding variety

Add the Upgrade Card Pack to offer players x12 unique mini cards that are distributed at random before each game. Each card provides a pivotal strategic ability not found in regular gameplay.

Step 5 - Add the Cold War Map

For the next level up, take a look at the Gold Bundle. It includes everything from Step 4 plus a stunning Cold War Map that alters the attack dynamics of each four player game. If you already own a copy of the game, you can just pick up the Accessories Bundle and you're all set.